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中文名稱:路路通環球傳媒               International name:Luton global media

中文名稱:路路通聯盟通道                       International name:Lutong union channel

International name:LLTTV chamber of commerce

Nature: Global Media                              Date of establishment: December 12, 2012

   性質:環球媒體                                           成立時間:2012年12月12日
Sponsor country: China                          Initiator: recall the day

   發起國家:中國                                           发起人:忆天

Remember your words: your bosom can have the world, and you will integrate into one of four people.

Memory thinking: globalization without rulers' thinking


A brief introduction to the chamber of Commerce


Luton global chamber of Commerce


It is a global media, a joint global organization that supports and supports large and medium-sized enterprises to go to the twenty-second century and enter the twenty-first century.

Luton global chamber of Commerce

With sound organization and wide coverage, it is the only media organization in the world that launched the global chamber of Commerce. Participate in the supervision of the rulers of the global regime, safeguard the stable survival and healthy development of the people of the world, improve the competition and joint development of industry and commerce, and realize the long-term happiness and prosperity of the people of the world in the twenty-second century.


Tasks and functions


1. To assume regulatory responsibilities against any country in the world, to dare to make and attack any speech that impairs the lives of the people of the world, to safeguard the interests of the people of the world and the protection of human rights.


Second, any ruler of the world will support and cooperate with the people-benefiting activities of any country in the world.


Three. Develop large and medium sized enterprises and individuals in the world and hold regular meetings and joint development.


4. Represent and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, safeguard their rights, reflect their opinions, demands and suggestions, and participate in mediation and arbitration of economic disputes.


5. Provide members with global policy and regulation consultation, financing, training services, business information, domestic and foreign exchange services, public relations communication and coordination services.

 LLTTV is the world's only real media, the world's only truth and justice for the global unification of the fight Network authoritative news media. The world spontaneously for human beings, advocating freedom and peace, no organization, no discipline, no state, no power to have a famous family with blood, human nature and love of the authoritative media for human survival - the sponsor of "Remembrance of Heaven" global news station, global love of journalists staff, global recruit * dark journalists * challenge human nature Dark bottom line. At the same time, we invite the reporter to interview the big and medium enterprises.
     LLTTV - Global Media - the authoritative media at home and abroad, is the fourth media after newspapers, radio, television, is the world's fastest growing authoritative news portal network. LLTTV concentrates on an excellent media platform, bringing information and online services vertically to the general public, so that everyone can enjoy information sharing, service co-construction, and win-win benefits. It is based on the open network environment of the international media. LLTTV relies on the theme of "media people, centralized advantage cooperation to create a strong network platform", after development, is now the most comprehensive and representative of the key sites. LLTTV currently offers news, finance, entertainment, sports, science and technology, tourism, education, training and other channels, 56 column topics, involving information needs and convenient daily services. LLTTV also actively organizes offline interaction, and opens up communication channels between ordinary and media, individuals and individuals, so that information is unimpeded, faster and more accurate based on the network to express people's demands.
LLTTV-環球傳媒-國內外權威媒體,是繼報紙、電臺、電視臺後的第四媒體,是全球成 長最快的新聞權威市門戶網之壹。LLTTV集中了優秀的媒介平臺,將資訊和在線服務垂直觸及到普通民眾,讓人人都享有信息共享、服務共建、利益共贏。是基於開放的網絡環境下的國際化媒體。LLTTV依托“媒體人辦、集中優勢合作打造強勢網絡平臺”的主旨,經過發展,現已是最綜合、最具代表性的重點網站之壹。LLTTV目前開設有新聞、財經、娛樂、體育、科技、旅遊、教育、培訓等頻道、56個欄目專題,涉及的信息需求和便捷化的日常服務。LLTTV並積極組建線下互動,打通普通與媒體、個體與個體之間的溝通渠道,使信息暢通無阻,更快更真更準的基於網絡表現民眾的訴求