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 中文名稱:路路通環球傳媒               International name:Luton global media

中文名稱:路路通聯盟通道                       International name:Lutong union channel

中文名稱:路路通環球商會                        International name:LLTTV chamber of commerce

Nature: Global Media                              Date of establishment: December 12, 2012
   性質:環球媒體                                           成立時間:2012年12月12日
Sponsor country: China                          Initiator: recall the day
   發起國家:中國                                           发起人:忆天

Remember your words: your bosom can have the world, and you will integrate into one of four people.
Memory thinking: globalization without rulers' thinking

  A brief introduction to the chamber of Commerce


Luton global chamber of Commerce

It is a global media, a joint global organization that supports and supports large and medium-sized enterprises to go to the twenty-second century and enter the twenty-first century.
 Luton global chamber of Commerce

With sound organization and wide coverage, it is the only media organization in the world that launched the global chamber of Commerce. Participate in the supervision of the rulers of the global regime, safeguard the stable survival and healthy development of the people of the world, improve the competition and joint development of industry and commerce, and realize the long-term happiness and prosperity of the people of the world in the twenty-second century.
Tasks and functions
1. To assume regulatory responsibilities against any country in the world, to dare to make and attack any speech that impairs the lives of the people of the world, to safeguard the interests of the people of the world and the protection of human rights.
Second, any ruler of the world will support and cooperate with the people-benefiting activities of any country in the world.
Three. Develop large and medium sized enterprises and individuals in the world and hold regular meetings and joint development.
4. Represent and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, safeguard their rights, reflect their opinions, demands and suggestions, and participate in mediation and arbitration of economic disputes.
5. Provide members with global policy and regulation consultation, financing, training services, business information, domestic and foreign exchange services, public relations communication and coordination services.
 LLTTV is the world's only real media, the world's only truth and justice for the global unification of the fight Network authoritative news media. The world spontaneously for human beings, advocating freedom and peace, no organization, no discipline, no state, no power to have a famous family with blood, human nature and love of the authoritative media for human survival - the sponsor of "Remembrance of Heaven" global news station, global love of journalists staff, global recruit * dark journalists * challenge human nature Dark bottom line. At the same time, we invite the reporter to interview the big and medium enterprises.
     LLTTV - Global Media - the authoritative media at home and abroad, is the fourth media after newspapers, radio, television, is the world's fastest growing authoritative news portal network. LLTTV concentrates on an excellent media platform, bringing information and online services vertically to the general public, so that everyone can enjoy information sharing, service co-construction, and win-win benefits. It is based on the open network environment of the international media. LLTTV relies on the theme of "media people, centralized advantage cooperation to create a strong network platform", after development, is now the most comprehensive and representative of the key sites. LLTTV currently offers news, finance, entertainment, sports, science and technology, tourism, education, training and other channels, 56 column topics, involving information needs and convenient daily services. LLTTV also actively organizes offline interaction, and opens up communication channels between ordinary and media, individuals and individuals, so that information is unimpeded, faster and more accurate based on the network to express people's demands.
LLTTV-環球傳媒-國內外權威媒體,是繼報紙、電臺、電視臺後的第四媒體,是全球成 長最快的新聞權威市門戶網之壹。LLTTV集中了優秀的媒介平臺,將資訊和在線服務垂直觸及到普通民眾,讓人人都享有信息共享、服務共建、利益共贏。是基於開放的網絡環境下的國際化媒體。LLTTV依托“媒體人辦、集中優勢合作打造強勢網絡平臺”的主旨,經過發展,現已是最綜合、最具代表性的重點網站之壹。LLTTV目前開設有新聞、財經、娛樂、體育、科技、旅遊、教育、培訓等頻道、56個欄目專題,涉及的信息需求和便捷化的日常服務。LLTTV並積極組建線下互動,打通普通與媒體、個體與個體之間的溝通渠道,使信息暢通無阻,更快更真更準的基於網絡表現民眾的訴求。


【天堂米基金会】[Paradise Rice Foundation]

发起人:“忆天”Originator: "Memory of Heaven"
――天名【宇宙之神】The Name of Heaven [God of the Universe]

 ‘六界神教’――教主"Six Realms of Theology" - Bishop

“悮鏡”――法名"Mirror" - Fa Name

(‘忆天’磨难(`Remembering Heaven'tribulation
胜过地藏王菩萨救母Better than the Tibetan King Bodhisattva to save his mother
观音菩萨救父Guanyin Bodhisattva Saves Father
释迦摩尼佛7日成佛Sakyamuni Buddha became Buddha on the 7th day
于2018年功德圆满见体光Success and virtue in 2018
可入六界可接六界法文影像预知灾难Accessible to six borders and accessible to six borders of French image for disaster prediction
因此发起“积善天堂米救助六界”)So we launched "Jishan Heavenly Rice Salvation Six Boundaries".)

 我们是今生的缘!We are the destiny of this life!

缘于爱!Because of love!
天堂开门!Open the door to heaven!
万众传播功德无量!There is no limit to the spread of merits and virtues by all!
接引有缘人!Get in touch with the people you're meant to be with! __________
接引有缘人功德无量!Invite boundless virtue and merit!
天堂登记加持!Registration of blessings in heaven!
本人能力有限最多接引4亿人!I have limited ability to attract up to 400 million people!
This is what the "divine realm" sees through the digital image display of the heavenly eye, which attracts 400 million people! 'Received French'

Famen - Moral Entry - Intellectual Entry - Corrected Entry - Good Entry - Enlightenment - Origin Entry - Love Entry - Introduction!

                                    ――忆天Recalling Heaven


明天是2013年的一月十五日Tomorrow is January 15, 2013
我的女儿你现在在哪里,你现在好么。Where is my daughter now? Are you all right now?
一切皆为我患。不可悦。Everything is for me. Not pleasant.
我在今世如身处荆棘之中,不忘患,常记清。I am in the thorns of this life, never forgetting my troubles, always remember clearly.
伤其心,余体会到世间诸般痛苦。Hurting his heart, I realized all kinds of pain in the world.
前生500次的回眸才换得今生的一次擦肩而过。Only 500 glances back in the previous life can we pass by once in this life.
父女情,情之切。悲无泪,痛无言,我如入地狱。Fathers and daughters love each other. Sadness without tears, pain without words, I like hell.
明镜照我心,本来天地间,何处惹红尘。The mirror shines on my heart. Where did the world make the world red?
我非草木,孰能无情。I am not a vegetation, which can be ruthless.
善恶一念之间。Between good and evil.
我本凡人,深知忍者大器。I am a mortal, well aware of the Ninja weapon.
知错能改,善莫大焉。Knowing what is wrong can be corrected.
却众生皆我不等。But all beings are different from me.
余法唯心。Yufa is idealistic.
创伤带给了我的成熟。The trauma brought me maturity.
我种的因,一切命中注定。The cause of my seed, everything is destined.
我愚我智即般若绝若生。I am foolish and wise, that is, Prajna is absolute.
我的执著,因女儿是我的生命。My persistence, because my daughter is my life.
我无理由憎恨,因众生皆为不知。I have no reason to hate, because all living beings are ignorant.
Thank you all for the adversity you have given me. Time will pass, take away our past, but create the next moment of tragedy, the sea of suffering is boundless, back to shore.

We are not Buddha, but we all have a beautiful yearning, the child is innocent, she should have father's love!

Hatred brings us darkness, and compassion brings us the safety and happiness of our family, which is not in our hearts.

It is not necessary to stimulate the inner demons, but to cultivate the inner conscience needs to be watered and nurtured with painstaking efforts.

我小的时候就哭个不停,深知人世间的痛苦。When I was a child, I cried and knew the pain of the world.
Life and death, love and hatred, love and hatred, joy and sorrow, sunshine and sunshine, ups and downs, pain and loss, betrayal of relatives, displacement.

我都体验了,已遍体鳞伤了。I've experienced it, and I've been bruised all over.
天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福。Every day has its ups and downs, and every man has his misfortunes.
Buddha said: When you all experience it is time for you to leave. Can you show me my daughter?

痛之悲愤,思之啼嚎。Grief and indignation of pain, cry of thought.
Life is like a writer's pen. When you write with great passion, you stop deliberately.

Life is also like the road under your feet, seemingly flat but gentle trap.

Life is like capital, which must be returned at the end of life. If you can't return it in your life, you will have to return it to the next generation.

Abandoning is bound to be good, and it is just an excuse for us to put down our burden.

Fruit abandoned the beauty of flowers, in exchange for autumn fruits, but brought flowers withering.

The child was still young, but we all relentlessly deprived her of her rights.

明天是2013年的一月十五日。Tomorrow is January 15, 2013.
我们大家的做法天地会看到的。What we all do will be seen everywhere.


Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha


Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha


Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha


其无大事吸取部落布偶罗密不跌生娃怪罪无地无门罗莎无敌物理罗汉无力无力动物理物理不哦不哦米 万法归宗无力哈罗德故其误差U唯一HGOIR ;SLHGHDITHHLV L S TJWLXXXXXXIELSHJGJJGLSRI
It absorbs the tribal Bupulo Romi's unborn dolls blamelessly and invincibly, Monroe Rosa's unbeatable physics, Rohan's powerless animal physics, oh no, Miwanfa's attribution to powerless Harold, so its error U is the only HGOIR; SLHGHDITHHLV L S TJWLXXXXIELSHJGJGLSRI


Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha


Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha


Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha





今夜依然,换不来片刻宁静。高窗远眺,似光无光,应执着,欲罢无声 ,痛无泪。
Tonight is still, can not change a moment of quiet. High windows overlook, like light without light, should be persistent, want to stop silent, pain without tears.

---------------------------January 15, 2013

Paradise Rice Foundation

 ---------天堂米Paradise Rice

成立于2018年,Founded in 2018,
(发起人2012寻爱女至今无果,(The sponsor's search for a lover in 2012 has so far been fruitless.
爱女为天命孩童不救助回来世界有难!It's hard for a child to come back to the world without rescuing her.
因此2012-2018一直拼命救助挽救人类!So 2012-2018 has been desperately trying to save mankind!
深知2018以后天灾到来,Knowing that natural disasters will come after 2018,
并且用尽心力无法改变事实,And you can't change the facts with all your efforts.
于2017年大年三十绝食天下!In 2017 New Year's Eve 30 hunger strike world!
通告政府各级部门!!!)Notify government departments at all levels!!! )
In April, it informed all levels of government that disaster popularization in 2018 would be fruitless.

2018 New Year's Eve 30 is still hunger strike! Notify departments at all levels to help their children without success!

In 2018, after the success of merit and virtue, we began to receive the six borders of French uninterruptedly.

Forced to launch an independent rescue of the world's lives in water and fire, save 400 million lives worldwide!!!

You good "a grain of rice" for your "lucky life" Note: accumulated good "enterprises and individuals" donate "heaven rice" from 1 yuan, 100% of the money to help the people!

同时发布公告!媒体支持“有善的企业和个人”免费发布推广信息 及助力推广!
Publish announcements at the same time! The media support "good enterprises and individuals" to release free promotional information and help promote!

助力“有善的企业和个人”财源广进” 服务更多的有需求的百姓!!!
Help "good enterprises and individuals" to expand financial resources to serve more people in need!!!

我亲爱的朋友们把心打开 让爱扩大一起融入我们全球4亿“有善大家庭”
My dear friends open their hearts and let love expand into our 400 million "good families" around the world.

――LLTTV“感恩捐助“天堂米”点燃爱 !普及爱! 扩大爱!救助天下百姓于水火!
LLTTV "Thank you for donating"Paradise Rice"to kindle love! Popularize love! Expand love! Help the people of the world in fire and water!

大灾无情 !人间有情 !付出爱! 传递善!
Catastrophe is merciless! There is love in the world! Give love! Delivery of goodness!

――积善请联系我!希望朋友们积极参与进来!Jishan, please contact me! I hope my friends will take an active part in it.
A good man is a man of virtue, a good man of peace at home, and a good man of prosperity for his descendants.

                                                           —— Ming Fang Xiaoru

A little candle, how far its light shines! Just like this candle, a good deed shines in this evil world.

                                                                —— Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Be a kind person and seek happiness for mankind.

                                            —— Gorky

Kindness - the inherent goodness of human beings, these things arouse a kind of hope that we can not destroy, hope that a bright and humane life will eventually come to an end.

                                                                             —— Gorky

Thank you for your support!

For your family and friends, please contact me!

You are good at "a grain of rice" for "lucky life"

Note: No announcement was passed.

No country or individual organization may sponsor donations with Paradise Rice.

Man-made damage to reputation, affect the memory of heaven to save mankind, otherwise it will be subject to electric shocks and lightning splitting! At the same time accountability!

Jishan is the only dedicated scanner!

At the same time, the accumulated good person notes the message enterprise and personal name!

LLTTV announces good news! The donation guarantees that 100% of the donors will help the people of the world in the name of enterprises and individuals! __________
A quarter of the world's children, or at least 700 million children, end their childhood early because of illness, war, child marriage and school dropouts.
The organization launched its first "End of Childhood" list on the same day, with children living in West and Central Africa the worst of 172 countries. Seven of the bottom 10 countries are West and Central Africa.
According to the ranking, Niger, Angola and Mali are the three countries with the worst childhood conditions, while Norway, Slovenia and Finland are the three best countries.
Most of the 700 million children deprived of their childhood live in poor communities in developing countries. Instead of enjoying the happy life brought about by medical, educational and technological advances, many of their peers suffer from both poverty and discrimination, the organization said.
A quarter of the world's children are currently living in countries afflicted by armed conflicts and natural disasters, with a population of about 535 million.
The following are data on the global plight of children provided by Save the Children, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund:
263 million school-age children are out of school.
About 168 million children have become child labourers, half of whom are in dangerous jobs.
156 million children under 5 years of age are stunted by malnutrition.
Every year, at least 15 million girls marry before the age of 18, of which 4 million are married before the age of 15.
War and persecution forced 28 million children to flee their homes, 11 million of them refugees.
Every year, about 16 million girls give birth between the ages of 15 and 19, of which 1 million have given birth before the age of 15.
At least 6 million children under five die each year.
In recent years, one of the malignant incidents of child sexual abuse has been exposed in China. Although the law punishes such acts more severely and the public opinion is full of indignation, the phenomenon of child sexual abuse has not been effectively curbed.
From 2008 to 2011, UBS Foundation conducted a survey of minors and parents in six cities of Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an, Wuhan and Hong Kong in China.

They included 18341 students, whose average age was 15.86 years. The survey results show that the rate of child sexual abuse in China is 7%, of which 8% are boys and 8% are girls.

6.4%; one out of every 10 boys and 15 girls was sexually assaulted. In addition, the study also found that some factors may increase the risk of child abuse, such as support.

Have a single parent who is divorced, living alone or widowed, or have an unemployed father.
Following this large-scale study on child sexual assault, the situation in China has not been effectively improved. Malignant incidents of child sexual assault continue to be high throughout the country. data statistics

From 2012 to 2014, 7 145 cases of child molestation were concluded by the national courts, including 2017 cases in 2012, 2 300 cases in 2013 and 2 828 cases in 2014, which were presented year by year.

Upward trend. In 2014, 503 Cases of child sexual assault were reported by the media, 4.6 times as many as in 2013.
In fact, the phenomenon of child abuse in China is far from complete as the data disclosed at present can show. Ni Chunxia, Director of the Relief Management Department of the Social Affairs Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said: "

From what we know, the public exposure is only the tip of the iceberg, and there will be more victims in rural areas. These data all indicate the high need to pay attention to children's safety.
In China, it is not strangers, but acquaintances who do most harm to children. Data show that in the past, more than 80% of reported cases of child sexual assault committed by acquaintances. These are ripe.

People include teachers, neighbours, relatives, villagers, etc. These perpetrators are familiar with the victims before the case happens, are more likely to approach them, and then rely on their special status, status or

Physical advantages make it easier to infringe.
At the same time, it is worth noting that in the past, more than half of the cases were carried out under the premise of absence of guardianship. In these cases, the victims were all alone.

People, lack of guardians, and lack of self-protection awareness give the victim a chance. Rural areas are the worst-hit areas for child sexual assault cases, among which the left-behind children in rural areas are the most serious.

Children are the most vulnerable group.


= Recalling the fairy tale: Your mind can have the world @You will be integrated into a quarter of the population!=

Paradise Rice: Paradise Rice Foundation

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